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Solar Setter Training

How to Set Your Links in your back office
Instruction for all PHG members

Call Center Training for Wed May 8th, 2024
Part One Subject: SHG

Call Center Training for Wed May 8th, 2024
Part Two: Blitzing the Leads, Connecting the paid members and offering Packages

Call Center Training for Wed May 01, 2024

Important Discussion about the Bonus Company Link!
Timing is Very Important!
Learn about the timing of Devopment and how you can Levage the Bonus Company Links in the Near Future!

Call Center Training for Wed April 24 2024

Subjects: Finmore Status & Future
Finmore Link being used now as the Bonus Company Link
PHGleadership is using this Bonus Company link for LiveGood
PHGleadership recommends everyone use the Bonus Company link for LiveGood
New Bonus Company Link is scheduled to be available in 2 to 3 weeks

Call Center Training April 22 2024

How the Call Center can Grow Your Reach Solar Business!
The SGH Savings App Benefits for Making & Savings $$
The New Bonus Company Link!
How PHG is using the Bonus Link for the Next Few Weeks!

April 18th Call Center Training

Re: FinMore Possibilities / PHG pending Breakthroughs!

Call Center Recording Friday Feb 16th Roles & Solar

Training January 4th Training
Part One Savings Highway Challenges & Response
Part Two: Concierge Survey Overview

Call Center Training Replay January 2nd, 2024

Call Center Training Friday December 22nd 2023

Call Center Training December 21 2023

Call Center Training Tuesday December 19th 2023

Monday December 18th, 2023

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