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Pay Per Sale Lead Generation Options

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Our Mission to Help as many people as we can in Prosperity Highway Global to Have Financial Freedom and Enjoy Prosperity!!

We provide an amazing amount of Service for little or No Cost.

Some other Groups "Should all over People", telling them that they "should" do this or "should" do that, making people feel inadequate because they are not working as hard or doing as much as they think that you should.

At Prosperity Highway Global, we take a different approach! We encourage everyone and allow them to "get in where they fit it".

We are working for your Prosperity, whether you are working full-time, part-time, very part-time or every now and then!

We Welcome Everyone and are developing Many Ways to build your Network for little or no money!

We Respect Everyone!

We are willing to Serve you and your team for many weeks, months and years to come!

We also recognize that Respect is a 2 Way Street.

For that reason, we have developed some Guidelines and some tools that can assist in working through any Challenges or Difficulties that we may Experience Along the Way.

The Tools below are like "an immune system" and alow us to work together with a Prosperity and Abundance Mindset!!

We appreciate your understanding and your co-operation!! 

How to Communicate

Click the Link below to see one of the Most Helpful and Powerful Tools for working through disagreements & misunderstandings that we have ever seen! That is the "I Message"
Learn how to use the "I message" to maintain Harmony!

We also have a tool for us to acknowledge things that we appreciate about certain individuals on the team please click the link below: 

Note to any who brings Negative Energy and are not willing to be proactive and follow the above  Philosphies & Processes:

They are still welcome to show up on the Conference Calls of the Companies that we work with. 

We can still have a mutually beneficial Relationship in the other companies. We may still end up helping them to Explode their downline in the companies that we are attached to.

As far a PHG is concerned they will not hold a leadership position in PHG or work in the Prosperity Call Center. 

They are welcome to promote and participate in driving traffic to our System and we will serve them.

If negativity surfaces in a way that is taking away from the Positive Energy of the PHG team, they they will not be allowed to be on our Zoom Calls. 

In Extreme Cases they may be deleted from the System. (Hopefully Never be needed!!)

Where do you fit into the Team? Which Roles will you play?

  • Performer: either, time energy or resources
  • Highly Effective Doer: either, time energy or resources
  • Less Effective Doer: either, time energy or resources
  • PTS:This can nuetrilze your contributions and be counter productive
  • SP:This can wipe out any contribution and affect the team.
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