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Our Next Webinar is 
Saturday December 9th 2:00 MST / 4:00 EST 

Webinar Replay December 2nd

Getting Connected with PHG Companies & PHGhub Survey

Webinar Replay November 18th 2023

Webinar Replay November 14th, 2023

Webinar Replay Saturday Oct 28th

0-51 min  Presentation
51- 1:28 Lead Packages & Rotators
1:58 Team Acquisition Packages & Team Questions & Comments 

Saturday Replay Oct 21st, 2023

Webinar Replay Oct 14th 2023

Webinar Replay Saturday October 7th, 2023

Call Center Overview and Lead Packages Webinar Thursday October 26th 2023

Call Center Overview and Lead Packages Webinar Thursday October 19th 2023

Call Center Overview and Strategy Session Replay
Saturday Oct 14, 2023 Oct 14 6:00 MST


Call Center Trainings are Now on Thursdays at 5:00 MST / 7:00 EST

Replay of Saturday Webinar Sept 30th 2023 Huge Week!

Replay of Friday Webinar Sept 29, 2023
Introduce Tranzact Card with Corporate Video
followed by Q & A and Building Strategies

Replay of Wednesday Special Strategy Session
& Call Center Overview!

Replay of Strategy Session: 0-1:39:07
Replay of Call Center Overview 1:39:07 to the end

Summary of How to Maximize the End of the Month Deadline!!

Congratulations to Steven Schwartz for his Vice President Promotion!

Congratulation to Burley Rogers on his Sr Manager Promotion!

Congratulations to all of our Other SR Managers
and Many Managers, too many to mentions at this time.
Stay tuned to our Facebook Groups!
Is it your Turn? Watch the Strategy Session Video Above
For some you are just a decision away!

Our Next Webinar is Saturday September 30th, 2023 2:00 MST / 4:00 EST

Introducing our System and our 3rd Stream of Income!
Time is of the Essence!
Please watch the Replay ASAP and take Action. Time Sensitive

Webinar Replay for Sept 16th 2023

0: -7 min Intro:  
7:00 - 54:00 Presentation
54:00 to 1:03 Testimonials
1:03 - 1:13:   Getting Started
1:13 -2:32:   Intro to a New Stream of income!
2:32 - End:  Protecting PHG with the Next Level Form &  
                    Overview of 4 Forms for moving ahead!   

PHG 2.0 Launch Replay Video

Webinar Replay August 26th 2023

Webinar Replay August 19th 2023

Webinar Replay August 5th, 2023

Webinar Replay for July 29th 2023

Replay of Webinar June 22nd 2023
Updated Funnel
Announcements for Softlaunch of PHG 2.0
Announcement of Full Launch of PHG 2.0
Make 2023 the be Beginning of Your Prosperity!!!

Replay for Webinar July 8th, 2023

Replay for Webinar June 10th 2023

Replay of Today's Combined Webinar May 20th 2023

PHG Webinar Replay May 6th 2023

PHG Webinar Replay April 29th, 2023

PHG Webinar Replay April 22nd, 2023

Our Next Training will be Thursday May 4th

Webinar Replay April 15th, 2023

Webinar Replay from April 1st 2023

Replay Webinar 3-11-23  posted  below:

How Does Prosperity Highway Global help your build your Savings Highway Global Business and Your Network?
Watch the Video Below! Wow!

Learn How you Can Build a Team with "No Selling" and "No Recruiting" needed on your part!! 
Watch the "Advertising for Dollars" Video Below!

See how Advertising for Dollars and our "Save Money Survey" both Save You Money AND Make your money!!
Join our Weekly Webinar or Watch our Replay's Below to see how you can make money with "No Selling" and "No Recruiting" on your part!  Put us to work for you!! 

Webinar Replay March 25, 2023
How to Make Big Commissions & Build a Big Team
without talking to anyone.

Webinar Replay March 11, 2023

PHG Webinar Replay March 4th 2023

Webinar Replay of the PHG Webinar Feb 25th 2023

Replay of the PHG Webinar Feb 11th 

Replay of PHG Webinar Jan 28th 2023

Index times below are approximate

  • Mission and Purpose of PHG: 10 min
  • Comparission to "Money Ball": 10:00 min - 26:00
  • Application of "Money Ball" principles: 26:00- 1:05
  • ​Team Interactions: 1:05 - the end

SHG Compensation of 1 area of compensation "The Matrix"

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