Screen Shot Tutorial for Setting Up Google Voice Phone Number

  • Setting Up Your Google Voice Number: 0: - 4:00 min
  • ​Setting us Your Sly dial App: 4:00 - 6:00
  • ​Cutting and Pasting Leads into your Sly Dial app: 6:00 - 9:00
  • Getting Your Scripts and Messages in Order: 9:00 -10:15
  • ​Example of Live Dials being done : 10:15 - 15: 18 (Includes making notes on dials done and deleting Dialed Leads out of dashboard)
  • ​Round Two of loading up more leads, leaving voice messages and leaving Text Messages : 15:18 - 25 :12

Please make notes in Column A for your activity leaving Voice Messages and Column G for Texting Notes such as:
LM for Left Message, Not in service,  Disconnected, 
Under Texting Notes. If someone texts you back with a Stop message please make a note. Etc....

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