Below is a Tutorial on Forwarding a URL to the links in the site. Plus some additional Screen Shots from the QR Code Monkey and the Proshop.

The Below Video will Show you Why You want to Own your Own URL (Domains & Sub-Domains) and point them to the Capture Page Links that are in our Account.

The Video Below shows you How To Create a QR Code

The Below Video Shows you How to Place Orders in the PHG Proshop Account while adding your Url (or web address) that leads people to your Capture Pages.

The Below Video Shows you how to Upload your QR Codes into the Products that you order!

If you did not open an account BEFORE placing the Oder then Sign Up for an account After Placing the Order

We Recommend Signing Up for an Account with BEFORE
placing an Order for Simplicity

** Note that the Proshop is powered by VistPrints and is Separate from the
We recommend that you use the same Credentials for Both Websites for Simplicity!!

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